Monday, August 6, 2012

FrontRow CRM Integration with

FrontRow has been recognized as the fastest, easiest sales reporting tool ever. It allows sales reps more time to sell and provides them with the tools needed to be more organized and productive in the field. When sales reps have more time to sell, they can increase their overall sales, ultimately increasing your company's profits.
For many companies switching CRM providers is not an option. They have spent too much time and money to move to another solution. The goal for these companies is to re-engage with the sales reps and increase compliance, productivity and sales reporting insight. With that in mind FrontRow is able to provide two sales reporting options.

1. FrontRow can be used as a complete standalone CRM system which provides the company the following advantages:

  • Fast and easy to use reporting system
  • Standardized sales process (More)
  • Real-time information
  • Critical information populated into custom dashboards
  • Custom reports with daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date filters(More)
  • Prospecting audits (More)
  • Accountable and productive sales force
  • ROI in weeks or days
2.  FrontRow can be integrated into any CRM system, providing you with the advantages of the FrontRow reporting tool but still populating your existing CRM database.Only the sales rep will be interfaced with FrontRow reporting tool; the rest of your company will be able to access the reported information on the FrontRow website and through your existing CRM system.

The integration can be setup as one directional: information flows from the sales rep to the FrontRow server and then into the CRM system, populating your existing database. It can also be setup as two directional: information flows from the sales rep to the FrontRow servers and then into the CRM system; information can also flow from the CRM system back through the FrontRow servers to the sales rep, allowing reps access to the updated CRM database information. An example of two directional integration: your marketing department creates a prospect–> prospect is automatically populated in FrontRow server and assigned to the correct sales rep–>sales rep makes a sales call to the prospect, entering his report through the FrontRow application–>information populates in the FrontRow system and CRM system, both accessible by the marketing department.

We have integrated FrontRow with most of the major CRM systems. Below you will find a description with how we integrated into Sales Force.

We have integrated with Sales Force using the API's with the API library provided in We have the ability to synchronize many elements between FrontRow and Sales Force. Our current deployments synchronize a combination of Sales Force Tasks, Users, and Clients to FrontRow Activities, Users and Clients. This will happen when any of the records are added, edited or deleted on either system.

There are many options available when looking at Sales Force and FrontRow inter-connectivity. We usually work with a company's Sales Force Administrators and sales management to understand what is important to the company and the CRM to create a custom solution that marries Sales Force and FrontRow.

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