Monday, July 30, 2012

CRM: What's in it for the Sales Rep?

At FrontRow we have studied the sales rep behavior
and we believe that any sales reporting tool to be successful must focus on the sales rep. The sales rep has to be willing and able to submit his sales reports. A sales rep can learn our reporting system in 10 minutes and complete reports immediately after a sales call in less than 30 seconds. (More) Sales reps appreciate that they have more time to sell and spend less time at administrative tasks. In addition the reporting system helps the sales reps become more productive and ultimately to increase commissions. To accomplish this FrontRow offers productivity tools such as:
  • Retrieval of notes, contact information and maps through the FrontRow app in real time. While waiting for the next appointment a sales rep can use his smart phone to review client information, historical notes, key contacts and maps. What a tremendous tool to get a leg up on the next sales call. Being informed and prepared for the next call is literally at your fingertips.
  • Account contact information - Sales reps can review historical territory information on all accounts: check what accounts he has not visited, which accounts he has and how many times.This information can be sorted by account type, account category, region, area code, etc. (More)
  • Mapping System access - the sales rep has the ability to geo-locate and map all his clients providing a huge advantage in locating his accounts, route planning and prospecting in regions. This is particularly helpful for the new rep or for companies that move their sales reps between different regions. (More)

Sales Rep Support System By Automatic Work Assignment:

Sales reps like to spend their time selling.Unproductive selling distractions like picking up checks, preparing quotes, dropping off samples, organizing IT, providing references, sending literature, preparing contracts, etc. are considered chores. Management wants the same thing: sales reps to be out in the field selling.FrontRow has created an automatic work assignment from the sales report. Here is how it works. A sales rep identifies in his report that a quote is required.The FrontRow system will automatically send an e-mail to the person identified as the quote coordinator requesting a quote for that account. A request for samples may go to a different person or a request for IT support to a different person again. Automated sales support work assignments from the sales report can be sent to any specified employee for follow up freeing the sales rep to spend all available time selling. In addition these work assignments are date and time stamped and an audit trail is created to ensure that the follow up activity is completed in a timely fashion.(More)

Message Centre:
Communication is often an issue for companies. FrontRow provides a message centre which will allow the sales rep to quickly and easily communicate with managers, peers and clients through text message, text blast or e-mails. ( More)

Automatic Synchronization with the Company Data Centre:

FrontRow creates a link between the sales reps mobile device and the company database. When the sales rep first selects the FrontRow app in the morning an "updating database" message appears. This updates and downloads all the new leads and activity card changes to the mobile device. The sales rep always has the most current information available eliminating the need for obtaining lead or prospecting sheets from the office. This synchronization allows reps to retrieve client information and notes to their apps just before a sales call.

Organization Tools:

Sales rep productivity can be greatly increased simply by help ingimproving organization skills. With that in mind FrontRow has created these organization advantages for the sales rep.

1. Automatic Population of Calendar: Literature claims that more than 30% of sales are lost because of improper or forgotten follow-up. FrontRow has a request for follow up built into the sales report. When a follow up date and time is selected, it is automatically populated into the FrontRow calendar. The FrontRow system can also be set to send out an e-mail or text alert identifying that a follow up commitment is approaching. The Result is a better follow up system which translates to fewer lost sales, and more money for sales rep and company.

2. Automatic population of client data base: Each time a sales rep submits a report, that information is auto populated and the client data base is updated into the client database. A sales rep can visit this data base and review all contact information, notes, historical revenue,forecast information, number of visits, contact information, products and any custom account information. Sales repswill always have access to current and vital information.Sales reps can access this information through their computer or through the FrontRow Sales Pro App.

3. Sales activity review: From the reports section the sales rep is able to access a host of valuable information. A sales rep can quickly and easily create a report around key personal activity. A few examples are: how many appointments did I have in the last 3 months, 6 months, 9 months? Who were these appointments with? How many phones callsdid I make this month? How many presentations did I do in the last month, 3 months, 6 months? What were the results……?The variety of reports is unlimited and can be converted to excel and printed if desired. (More)

4. Personal skill development: FrontRow provides the sales reps with charts that he can visit to identify strengths and weaknesses, trends, closed ratios, performance against plan or commission giving a rep visual acuity to his performance.(More).

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