Friday, April 20, 2012

Prospect Auditing

Companies spend millions of dollars each year creating new clients and prospects. Often when a prospect is created, marketing hands that lead off to the sales team for development, expecting it to produce a revenue creating client. Unfortunately, most companies don’t know what happens to a prospect after it is created and handed off to the sales team. At Front Row Solutions we have created a unique prospect auditing feedback system, giving your company complete insights, analytics and feedback for every prospect.
Here’s how it works:
  1. A prospect is created (by marketing, customer service, email, etc.)
  2. The prospect is automatically sent through Front Row and assigned to sales rep. The prospect is date and time stamped when assigned to a sales rep.
  3. The sales rep contacts the prospect and send in a sales report through the Front Row Sales Pro app, which is also date and time stamped.
  4. The messages hits our server and automatically populates the Front Row databases. All further calls made to this client are also date and time stamped.
  5. A manager clicks on the prospect and then selects the audit button. A report will be provided tracking all contacts for this prospect from its creation to current status.
The company now has incredible insight into their marketing initiatives. Reports can be created identifying:time to initial contact by rep, benchmarking information identifying the number of contacts required to take a prospect to a client, benchmarking information with regard to elapsed time and effort required to take a prospect to a client, and company feedback identifying the best marketing initiatives.
The Front Row prospecting system is a closed-loop system providing never before seen insight into your marketing projects.