Monday, April 2, 2012

11 Sales Tips for Cold Calling and Prospecting

Guest post by Steve Richard co-founder at Vorsight:
No doubt all of us need to get better about marketing ourselves and our offerings with creative content.  But what about maximizing your normal cold calling and prospecting activity?

11 Sales Tips for Cold Calling and Prospecting:

  1. What is your caller ID strategy?
  2. You are probably getting the title of your correct contact, but do you know the reporting structure?
  3. Do you understand why calling into direct lines is so critical and how to find your prospects’ direct lines?
  4. Have you optimized your time management to capitalize on call windows and phone stalking opportunities?
  5. Do you revisit your talking points periodically to more effectively tell your story and stand out from the vendor  noise and static?
  6. What conversational lead ins do you deploy to break the telemarketer role and quickly establish rapport as a business development professional?
  7. Do you overcome your prospects’ initial knee jerk reaction objections to taking a meeting the same way that you overcome objections to closing?
  8. Are you using non-commercial emails as part of your outreach strategy?
  9. Have you incorporated social media into your emails and voicemails to add an extra dimension of personalization and customization?
  10. Are you monitoring process metrics that serve as leading indicators to getting a meeting?
  11. What qualification questions (like BANT) are you asking to ensure that you spend your time on the prospects that are most likely to buy?

A Sales Prospecting Story.

Many sales reps really struggle with their initial lead in to build rapport.  Next time you’re making cold calls try using the title of the person you are calling as an ice breaker, then clarify their responsibilities to show them that you did your homework.  This lead in technique can help you convert 50% more initial cold conversations into meetings.
It Plays out on the Phone like this:
“This is David”
“Hi David, Steve Richard from Vorsight.  Do you have a sec.”
“Sure, what’s this regarding?”
“It’ll only take a minute to explain.  I understand that you are the VP of Marketing of ABC Corp, is that right?”
“Yes, on a good day.”
“And you oversee the online marketing strategy including email marketing, SEO, social media, etc, correct?
“Are you familiar with Vorsight?”
“Rings a bell, but go ahead.”
“We are an interesting story…”
Now you are free to tell a quick story to get their attention, do some initial qualification and set up a meeting if a fit for both parties.
Give it a try — it works!