Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Front Row Solutions: What can our Platform do for you?

Front Row Solutions can enhance your sales performance and make a lasting positive impact on your business and organization.   A company would be rewarded with the following benefits by implementing Front Row Solutions’ robust platform:

Empower your Sales Force:
A sales representative can provide comprehensive sales reporting after a sales call in less than 15 seconds.  Full daily reporting can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes.   Front Row’s mobile data delivery solutions enable a sales representative to maximize their sales calls and efforts instead of being burdened with time consuming reporting and data input at the end of a work day or week.   Front Row’s seamless data delivery automates the sales reporting process and places all of the heavy lifting on back-end servers and not on the sales representative.

Real time data and information:
Gain an immediate overview on your company’s sales performance and KPI data 24/7.

Increased sales productivity:
Front Row’s mobile data delivery solution coupled with a full suite of built-in productivity tools can dramatically increase sales productivity on a daily basis.  Route Planning, Outlook Calender Sync and remote sales notes entry functionality assists the sales person with their daily and weekly planning which typically equates to at least two more sales calls per day being achieved.

No additional Software or intensive time investments are required:
Front Row Solutions’ platform is web-based which eliminates the need for additional costly software purchases or labor intensive studies by a company’s IT department.  Following consultation, Front Row can set up a new fully customized company account in less than 48 hours.

Multiple options to deliver real-time sales information:
Front Row’s technology features seamless SMS text message functionality which provides a simple, fast and cost effective way for a sales representative to deliver real-time and highly focused sales reports in less than 15 seconds.  Data delivery is also possible through Front Row’s state of the art Mobile Web browser available on all smart phones as well as standard Internet entry via a laptop or PC.

Easy Analysis & Custom Reporting:
The reporting, charting and dashboard capabilities provides a full suite of standard, cutomized and comparison reporting features.  Gain real-time insight on sales performance, productivity and efficiencies.   Real-time reporting can empower sales management to clearly see strengths and weaknesses in their sales force performance, enabling informed decisions and new initiatives.

Intra-Company Communication:
One of the daily challenges of a sales organization is effectively managing and communicating with a sales force that may be dispersed over many geographic locations and regions.   Front Row’s built-in SMS text message functionality enables instant communication with an entire sales force; a life saver for sales management to put out timely and consistent information to their front line sales staff.

Increased Revenue
– Front Row Solutions’ robust sales productivity and accountability solutions can transform sales performance which leads to a direct increase in company revenue.   An increase in the quantity and quality of sales calls are the building blocks to increasing revenue.

Contact us today to receive a demo of Front Row Solutions’ platform and a consultative review of your current sales reporting goals.