Friday, November 25, 2011

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by Sidney Angelos

Connecting with your customers online is mandatory to compete in today’s business world. Our socially driven world is not separate from business, but rather integrated into it. Companies that fail to incorporate social media into their CRM are missing out.

Below we’ll examine 13 tips to using social media to improve CRM, seen in the industry as the most successful by experts in the field. Find the original post on

Social Listening Tools

Do you currently use free listening tools? Set up auto searches and when you have time, check out what others are saying about your brand, about your industry, about your keywords, etc… Tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are popular and the most well known. Via – Genuine Media


Twitter lists can be one of the easiest ways to see what your customers, clients, vendors, and competitors are saying. Keeping your audience on Twitter organized can help keep redundancy and wasted efforts at bay. Via – Jillian Koeneman of Freshlime Marketing.

Bank of Tweets and Posts

Set up a list of tweets, FB posts, and helpful blog posts for use in the future. Much like a to do list or creative brainstorm document, this bank of tweets or posts can help you when you get in a bind. These can be set up in your CRM system and pulled out for easy use. Have an intern put together a bunch of tweets and posts to keep handy.


Use LinkedIn! You can generate sales and network with others in a few simple easy steps. Integrate it into your normal and usual routines and you’ll soon find that you’re connecting with people you never thought possible. Just take the time to do it!  Via – Patrick O’Malley.

Exclusive Discounts

Make your Twitter followers or Facebook Fans feel important. Give them exclusive discounts, coupons, contests, or even content tailored to them. Via – Rosena Sammi of Rosena Sammi Jewelry.

Varied Messaging Strategies to Increase Engagement

Thought provoking and interesting questions will illicit an interesting response. Asking funny questions help increase engagement as well. Carefully gauge your audience to find the right technique in messaging that will work for your brand. Via – Paul Draper of

Pay Attention

Some social media experts suggest paying careful attention to what your customers, vendors and client’s have to say online. Are they going to happy hour tonight? Why not surprise them with a free drink by arranging it with the restaurant prior to their visit? Via – Wally Bronner

Be Timely in Your Responses

No one likes to be forgotten. Act like a friend rather than a foe, this often will exude a personal feel to your communications and is likely going to be received well. Via – Carolyn Goodwin

Use Social To Help Customers Find Your Products

Using social media to help your customers can translate into a more personalized service offering, as well as help your bottom line. If your products sell out, aren’t in all locations, or only in one specific area – try your hand at helping others find what you have to offer through the use of social media. Via- Courtney Luck of Cape Classics.

Use Social As Market Research

Improve customer relationships by asking customers what they want. Allow them to be a part of product research, revamping  service, or changing an existing service. Give recognition to the customer who helps you make the final decision. Via – Scott Bradley

Frequent Tradeshows? Use Twitter to Engage Before/During/After

If you’re constantly going to tradeshows, why not connect with existing customers before you go. Do your research using social media and connect with them before, during and after the event.

These are just a few tips to using social media to improve customer relationship management. Have some insider tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!