Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Front Row CRM launches Prospect Auditing Module bringing Sales and Marketing together

Front Row CRM is pleased to announce the launch of their Prospect Auditing Module. The Prospect Auditing Module allows companies to track the progress of a new prospect from the time of its creation to its resolution.
The Front Row CRM Prospect Auditing Module allows companies the advantage of tracking and auditing every prospect created. Front Row CRM is the easiest, fastest sales reporting tool on the market allowing a sales person the advantage of completing a sales report in less than 30 seconds immediately after the sales call is complete. When the sales report is sent to the Front Row CRM servers, the custom dashboards are instantly populated, date and time stamped. Management gets real time insights about all sales activity. What the Front Row CRM Prospect Auditing Module adds is the ability to synchronize the company’s marketing and prospecting activity with Front Row CRM.
Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing and prospecting for new clients. Money goes into advertising, email programs, SEO efforts, etc. The purpose is to gain new clients, new growth and new revenue. Unfortunately most companies have no feedback regarding the effectiveness of their marketing programs. This is particularly true for marketing departments that hand off prospects to their sales force.
When a lead is generated by a website, email program, call center, SEO or other marketing campaigns, the lead record is date and time stamped while automatically assigned to a sales rep for follow up. Based on a number of custom criteria such as zip code, geographical area, area code, district, vertical or custom criteria, the lead is added to their dashboard and prioritized. New leads can also be flagged by text or email in real time to allow the sales person to follow up sometimes while the potential prospect is still looking at your marketing campaign.
By leveraging the date and time stamp feature, marketing and management can instantly audit the sales cycle including understanding when and how the lead was generated, when it was assigned to a sales person, how many calls were required to convert the prospect into a client, the close ratios of leads to customers, bench marking information by rep, by district and/or by region, that specifically identify of the most successful marketing programs.
With the Prospect Auditing Module, companies gain new insight into pre sales costs, which campaigns were successful and can truly understand where to direct their marketing efforts while increasing the value of CRM as a fundamental sales tool. 

About Front Row Solutions:
Front Row CRM is located in Fort Collins, Colorado with clients in 5 continents. Front Row Solutions’ unique Sales Productivity & Accountability management system fulfills the promise of ‘Real Time’ information. Our software provides both management and sales representatives with an instant overview of their sales performance at any given moment.