Monday, November 21, 2011

5 New Ways to Connect Online

Are you aware how easy it is to connect to life all around you? The internet and cell phone have made it possible and extremely user friendly to those who aren’t familiar with this new technology. Whether you want to find out about local events, or ask a question about a product you recently purchased, social media is available through many different websites and platforms. Social media is used by the majority of society on a day to day basis.

Social media has been used more for communications, conversation, and fun. However, nowadays it is being used for customer service and technology assistance. There is a wide variety of social media available for use through the internet and the cell phone. The newer cell phones come installed with many different social media applications. If certain applications are not already downloaded, it is very easy to download them yourself. You only need to access the internet through your cell phone. In this technological era, customer service and advertising are promoted through many different fun, quick, and alternative ways. 

YouTube is a great way for potential customers or current customers to view advertisements, press releases, and educational videos for a particular company as well. Many companies have “channels” on YouTube that you may subscribe to as well. You are able to view comments from other customers and view related videos associated with the current content that you are viewing. Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube are not the only types of social media that can be used for marketing purposes either.

Facebook, however, is one of the most popular forms of social media being used in this day and age. Everywhere you go there is an advertisement that says “Like Us” on Facebook. When Facebook knows your likes it combines that with other information that is on your computer, as well as your personal information. This will give other companies that have similar products and services the ability to seek you out, with various particular items and/or companies that you may like as well. This is a great way to target different segments of the market.

Many companies are researching the use and popularity of Twitter to provide faster customer service. Twitter can be a great way to help customers. If someone has an F.A.Q. then it is very likely that question has already been asked and answered. Sometimes there may be a technological problem that has affected the entire network. If that is the case then everyone else is also having the same exact problem. One only needs to check Twitter or Facebook to see recent updates and questions already asked by someone else on that particular day.

Live Journal and are 2 blogging communities where people have similar interests. At you create an account and post regular blogs. You have the opportunity to share with other bloggers as well. This is much different than regular “blogging.” There is great interaction between the bloggers. Topics at can range anywhere from social media to news to health issues. You can even combine “blogher” with Facebook and Twitter as you normally can with everything else nowadays.

There is a very popular site called Examiner. It is both local and regional. Examiner has writers who choose a particular category of interest and then they submit an article from their own personal area of expertise. The writer of the particular section usually connects it somehow to a local area of interest. You can find a writer in the area where you live or even somewhere you would like to visit. First you pick the location, and then you pick the particular subject. There are so many areas of interest you have the capability to choose from. When it comes to the sky is the limit. If you find a particular writer that you like you may follow that writer on Facebook and Twitter. is another site that is somewhat similar to However, within the writer can choose pretty much anything they want to write about. WordPress is much more liberal than examiner. However, one can also gain exposure and a following as a knowledgeable writer on wordpress. And, those who desire more knowledge about a particular subject can peruse wordpress or examiner. With examiner the writer of the posted content must pick only one subject area and continue to write about only that particular subject.  With examiner you become an “authoritative” figure on the subject of your choice. This gives one exposure as well as allows for a variety of personal interactions and experiences with those who need information. Both wordpress and examiner have become like current live encyclopedias that display not only historical information, but also current information. It is all linked together with local entertainment and events.