Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sales Accountability Made Easy with Mobile CRM

It’s easy to miss sales opportunities, especially for those who don’t consider themselves to be comfortable in the role of salesperson. If you can equip yourself with the right tools, you can gather data that provides you insights into your target audience, creating more opportunities to make sales.

It’s important to know how to analyze your data. It is important to dig into your data and pull out information that you can act upon. Sales success stories begin with a marketing message that is well crafted and directed in the right direction through the proper channels. This happens when you’ve got a customer relationship management (CRM) system that provides an opportunity for sales accountability.

Few sales are made with a prospect that hasn’t embraced initiating a relationship with the sales rep. Once that relationship is initiated, you have to stay on top of this relationship or they will develop a connection with a competitor and you will lose them. Use your CRM to help you manage the relationships you’ve worked hard to establish.

How many lead generation tools do you currently use. If it’s only one, you’re probably missing out on opportunities to find more business. One client is different from the next, so why shouldn’t your lead generation tools cater to these differences? Segment your prospects into groups and develop content that speaks to each group individually. Do this and you’ll see a better conversion rate and return on investment.

You can improve your sales accountability by tracking every opportunity. Not every opportunity is going to convert to a sale immediately, and some won’t at all. However, when you keep good track of the prospect, you are in a better position to nurture them until they are ready to close the sales cycle. For those that never convert, your information on them remains in your CRM and can prove valuable for future campaigns.

Are you fostering a clear line of communication between sales and marketing? If you’re not giving marketing the same information that sales reps are working from, you’re missing out on opportunities for marketers to get information about your brand in front of more people, which makes the sales reps’ jobs easier.

Your sales managers should also be gathering information on the performance of the sales reps. This gives them what they need to provide one-on-one coaching sessions that improves the quality of their performance. To gain this information, you need to pair your salesforce with a reporting tool that is easy to use and ensures they’ll make their sales reports after every sale. Many companies don’t see this happen because their CRM is not sales-friendly and the reporting process is too difficult and time consuming.

Front Row Solutions has created a sales-friendly app that can be used as a standalone product or integrated into your current CRM. We’ve made sure our solution is compatible with the most popular CRM products on the market today. However, our clients find great success using it as a stand-alone solution. Contact us today and see how our mobile solution can improve your data collection and sales accountability efforts.