Thursday, December 8, 2011

Front Row for the Sales Rep

Great sales reps are constantly looking to improve their productivity. They are typically highly motivated individuals that are self-directed and strategic with their work ethic. They scrutinize every sales related function with an eye to its impact on improving performance.  With that in mind, Front Row Solutions was created to be the perfect fit to collaborate with this high level sales rep.

Companies must understand that a reporting tool is only as successful as the ability or willingness for the sales rep to input data.  We have created the fastest, easiest to use sales tool ever. The process starts with the creation of an activity card, which for most reps is the first time they have ever had a sales process in place. Imagine sales reps actually knowing what is expected of them on every sales call. Once the activity card is in place, the sales rep can do their sales call from the field by mobile phone in less than 30 seconds, 3 or 4 minutes per day; less time doing reports, more time selling.

Good sales reps know that having the time to make one extra call per day = 220 more calls per year, which means more commission dollars in their pockets. 

Sales reps are now doing their sales reports. What does the sales rep get out of it?

We take the information from these reports and populate a personal customized website for the sales rep. The sales rep can visit their private website and review:                           
§  All historical information by account
§  Number of visits to key accounts
§  Personal performance ratios by call type for best practice insight
§  Identification of personal strengths, weaknesses and tendencies, by report or chart for personal improvement
§  Review appointment calendar, automatically populated by activity card
§  Geo-locate accounts and organize your daily route
§  Review and analyze activities

Remember the sales rep get all this information and more because they have committed 30 seconds after every sales call, or 3-4 minutes per day.