Thursday, August 18, 2011

Front Row Solutions is part of CRM Idol 2011

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Front Row Solutions offers comprehensive CRM solutions that includes Mobile CRM for the fastest updates to a CRM in the industry.

Revolutionize your business with Real-time Sales Activity data

Having real-time sales data and metrics at your fingertips provides invaluable insight to provide direction and training to your sales staff. With our system, effective sales call tracking and sales rep tracking are now possible enabling your company to enhance sales performance.

Any effective sales management tool must be designed with user acceptance and ease of use in mind and we’ve incorporated several features in our system that strive to ease the daily sales call report activity for all sales representatives.

Sales representatives can transmit sales data and sales metrics seamlessly into Front Row’s management dashboard via SMS Text Message, mobile browser on smart phones, Smart Phone Apps or via a web browser for laptops & tablets.

As a result  of our system’s ease of use and multiple data entry opportunities, sales representatives can now spend less than 5 minutes per day reporting all sales activity. Less time spent on reporting and administration equates to more available time for additional sales calls and the opportunity to increase productivity and revenue.

Built-in Sales Productivity Tools
Sales representatives will love all of the built-in productivity tools associated with Front Row Solutions’ software including:
  • Full Customer Contact & negotiation notes data entry fields
  • Outlook Calendar sync capability with all Front Row Solutions scheduled calls, follow-ups and reminder
  • Route Planning & Mapping Systems to assist in daily/weekly sales call logistics
  • Remote sales negotiation notes entry
Easy to use, fast to populate, rich in real time reporting and the high user adoption rates makes Front Row CRM a clear choice for businesses looking to grow.

Managers will love the visibility and deep reporting including:
  • Tracking of meeting updates to determine if meeting locations laid out in the most efficient way
  • The ability to compare reps performance to provide coaching opportunities
  • Lead to close ratio reports
  • Sales cycle analytics to provide a frame work for success

Easy to use for sales professionals, meaningful reporting for Managers and tangible results make Front Row Solutions a clear choice for businesses looking to take their growth to the next level.

Corporate Description

Front Row Solutions’ unique Sales Productivity & Accountability management system fulfills the promise of ‘Real Time’ information. Our software provides both management and sales representatives with an instant overview of their sales performance at any given moment.

As a software innovator, we create solutions that are easy to use, have a high user adoption rate, increases sales and as a standalone CRM or integrated with other software, creates a best of breed solution for those who want more.

Front Row Solutions can increase your company’s sales revenue by providing real time data, enabling daily clarity on your company’s sales performance.