Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Succeed in Business with Cloud Computing

In a competitive economic community, businesses are constantly searching for innovative ways to be successful.  Whereas success can be defined differently, in general, companies want to grow, increase profits, work effectively, and meet goals.  Within these efforts to improve, businesses are in search of technology to initiate such processes.  IT departments work fervently to stay in the forefront of technology that can assist the company to be competitive.  Cloud computing is one way that  business is being transformed to bring about success. While this is an IT method, it should be looked at a business approach to promoting more pathways to success.

Cloud computing offers ways of obtaining software and computing capacity through a Web based server.  This is exciting for business because it can help companies reach new markets, assist customers and be able to differentiate in the market.  Cloud computing is perfect for making more connections.  Making connections grows business, whether that means connecting to other business, or to customers.  Getting your products and services out in to the global business world can only help aid in success.   Since accessing data through the Internet, your company can shift the focus from transactions towards interactions that will take business the next step further.  In business terms, that can mean anything from better customer service, to fostering relationship with business affiliates.  Either way, your company is transforming how it handles forming connections that will further business.

Accessibility is another positive attribute that promotes success.  Through cloud computing, companies enhance their customer relationship management (CRM) programs.  Being able to obtain customer information anytime and anywhere, allows businesses to provide a cohesive approach to it’s customers.  Since cloud computing offers real-time data, companies can have a 360 degree view of their customers.  Whomever the customer is in contact with, that staff member can see all previous interactions, and anticipate what the customer may need in the future.  Customers can stop being frustrating by talking to someone different every time, and instead connect with a staff that has access to all their information.  Providing an all around better customer service fosters loyalty, and word-of-mouth advertising.  When companies are confident that their customers are satisfied, and growing, it may be a good indication that business is being successful.

Success for a business also may be just using time and money more efficiently.  In this case, cloud computing excels.  Time can be saved in several areas.  For example, the time to set up and maintain software and hardware is decreased significantly.  The start up occurs remotely, and companies do not need a large IT staff always available to handle problems.  Automation is yet another incentive to utilize Web based servers.  System updates and back-ups are handled automatically, therefore a business doesn’t have to a team ready at all times.  For the most part, some companies might find cloud computing to be more cost effective.  This may vary from company to company, but in general, a business only needs to pay for the services they use, therefore reducing the cost of useless software.   It can be safe to say that part of being successful, is being efficient in many areas of business.

Companies using cloud computing are letting technology work for them to their advantage.   They see the advantages that Web based servers can provide and promote more business.  Whether it be saving money and time, or facilitating making connections easily.  These are only a few of the potential benefits of cloud computing.   However, success means meeting company goals, and implementing the technology that can expedite the pathways to being about success can only be advantageous.