Monday, April 18, 2011

Sales Tip: How to Build a Picture With Your Customer

There’s one thing I know–if your customer can’t picture themselves with the product you’re selling, you won’t sell the product to that customer. But how do you you build a picture with your customer so that they envision themselves using the product you’re selling? There are several different ways to help them see the big picture. If possible, allow them to try the product, or to sample it. If you’re going door to door selling knives, be sure to let the customer try the knives and compare them to their own cutlery. Why? This allows them to see themselves using the product every day. However, it’s not always possible to give the customer the opportunity to try out what you’re selling. When this is the case, more than anything else you need confidence. This doesn’t mean that you shove what you’re selling in the customer’s face. Let the words you say paint a picture for your customer so that they can see that what you’re selling is what they need.
If you don’t believe in what you’re going around selling people, they’ll be able to tell. So try asking yourself why you would buy what you’re selling. Think of all the different reasons, and then figure out why this particular customer would want to buy what you’re selling. By the two of you figuring out together why the customer needs your product, you’ll not only find that the customer will want to buy what you’re selling, but you’ll feel great selling it to them, and not just because of your commission. You’ll know that you helped make their life just a little easier, a little more convenient, and maybe a little more fun.
The point is this—once they’ve got the picture, you’ve got the sale. Just work with the customer to help them see why they need the product.