Monday, April 11, 2011

21 Ideas for a Successful Career in Sales

Are you suited up, trained and ready to get out there and win?

Success in this world is fundamentally a matter of selling, of using its principles whether in business, society, or politics, and applying them properly and effectively.

During my workshops and seminars I am regularly being asked for my opinion on what is needed to be successful in sales. Here is a short list of things that every salesperson needs to do regularly, day-by-day, week-by-week, to ensure the continuous success in sales.
  1. Never ever stop learning
  2. Stay positive
  3. Take time off
  4. Stay in control of your emotions
  5. Work with decision makers exclusively
  6. Set your selling quota
  7. Stay committed
  8. Put the rubber on the road, not on the carpet
  9. Stick to the system
  10. Watch your language, appearance, and behavior
  11. Get organized
  12. Set small goals
  13. Prepare a “to do” list each day
  14. Cultivate contacts
  15. Contact three past buyers a day
  16. Contact three prospects a day
  17. Become the number one communicator in your office
  18. Increase your personal association with top performers
  19. Know the nuts and bolts of the business
  20. Improve your attitude to yourself, your company, and its products
  21. Ask yourself, “Is this what you want?”
Let me ask you again – are you suited up, trained and ready to get out there and win?

Thanks to Alen Majer for this article and his wisdom