Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sales Tips: Why Rookies Get Sales Objections (and Old Pro's Don't)

We are always looking for fresh and interesting ideas to share on Sales.  We came across Shameless Shamus Brown who appears to be a real character. This is an interesting perspective on objection handling.


Some people think that selling is all about overcoming the objections.

"Assume the sale, handle the objections, and you'll close the deal" is how their advice goes…
Yet if you ask the old experienced sales guy in any business, you'll find he doesn't deal with objections.
He doesn't "trial close" repeatedly to flush out and handle the objections one-by-one. And he doesn't pitch without first talking with customers extensively about what they want, why, and what they don't want.

No. Objections are for rookies.

Objections are what you get when you ask for the order before you know if you are going to get it.
Pitching, repeatedly asking for the order (or the appointment), and then handling the objections is tired and old. And it is annoying and ineffective. Customers hate to be pitched and pushed by sales people that they think are only out for themselves.

When you sell by pitching, closing, and handling objections, you are showing that all you care about is the deal. Selling this way is all about you. It's not about the customer. It's all about how fast can you close and get your bucks, and your customer knows it. Selling this way is why the sales profession has such a crummy reputation.

So how do you stop getting sales objections?

The answer is that you need to know what any "objections" to buying are going to be in the first place.
And then, stop referring to them as objections. Instead, I call them issues or concerns.
When selling any product, there will be common concerns and issues that come up time and again across the customers that you sell to.

Know these issues, and you can prevent them from being problems when you sell. You can find out up-front, early in the sale if any of the typical concerns or issues are going to stop a deal. And if they are going to stop a deal, either get out of the deal early, or figure out a way to make the issue acceptable to the customer.
Old sales pros don't get objections because they don't wait until asking for order to find out if there are any objections.

Deal with everything up-front and you'll close more deals faster than you did before.