Friday, February 4, 2011

Sales Tips: Why People Buy vs. How do I sell?

If you are a sales professional then you will know Jeffery Gitomer and his Little Red Book of Selling. Jeffery's energetic and simple concepts are fantastic for folks new to sales and a great refresher for those who have been around the block.

Jeffery shifts the paradigm from "How do I sell?" to "Why People Buy". This is a good look in the mirror for sales reps who need to know the differentiators of their own personal brand.

The Little Red Book of Selling
By Jeffrey Gitomer

“Why do people buy?” is a thousand times more important than “How do I sell?”
1.  I like my sales rep. Liking is the single most powerful element in a sales relationship. Like leads to trust. Trust leads to buying. Buying leads to relationship. That’s the life of sales.
2.  I understand what I am buying.
3.  I perceive a difference in the person and the company that I am buying from.
4.  I perceive value in the product I am purchasing.
5.  I believe in, have confidence in, trust, am comfortable with, my sales rep.
6.  I feel there is a fit of my needs and his/her product or service.
7.  The price seems fair, but it’s not necessarily the lowest.
8.  I perceive that this product or service will increase my profit.
People don’t like to be sold… but they love to buy!
The difference between success and mediocrity is philosophy. Most people think end of the month. But you have to begin thinking end of time. If you think end of time, each time you are in a selling situation, the sale will always be long term, relationship driven, and referral oriented. Not transaction oriented.