Friday, December 27, 2013

5 Reasons 2014 is the Year of Video in BtoB Marketing


92 percent of B2B customers watch online video and 43 percent of B2B customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business, according to this Inc. article. Video engages multiple senses, resulting in deeper engagement.

In addition, CK Kerley, mobile marketing expert, shared, “Jeff, video is the killer application for mobile.” Since we live in a mobile world today, you need to embrace video.

So how can you use video in BtoB marketing in 2012? Let’s take a page from Jay Baer’s appearance on Marketing Made Simple TV,  where Jay leaned into the camera and said, “Hey, I don’t know how to create awesome content, and I bet you don’t either. But I do know how to be helpful.” There’s the first key to success with video – just be helpful.

Here are five reasons why video marketing is king in 2014:

1. Be helpful in a good way

Create How To instructional videos, tell stories and provide tips and insight all with short videos on your website or blog.

2. Entertain as well as inform

Inject some of your own personality into the videos, like Kinaxis did in their hilarious Suitemates series.

3. Capture leads 

Video can generate sales leads, provided you have good bait on your hook (offers) with a clear call to action. You can also put a form in front of your videos in an effort to capture leads.

4. Mobile-friendly

More and more content is consumed on smartphones and tablets each year. You simply cannot be sure your prospect will be in front of a computer screen any more. Video is highly engaging on smartphones and tablets.

5. Story-telling

Human beings are programmed to respond to stories. What’s one show that consistently beats NFL ratings? It is The Walking Dead – a story about people trying to survive in a world filled with zombies.  Storytelling is so powerful that I was not surprised to find an article entitled, “Zombies devour the NFL.”  Spend time and invest right in video production services to deliver great stories and the world will respond.
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