Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LinkedIn to the Business World

Social networking sites are no longer for just personal use. Now, these websites are commonly used among businesses as tools for gathering leads, advertising, marketing, and staying connected with customers.

LinkedIn is a social networking site specifically designated to businesses professionals. By May of 2009, LinkedIn accumulated over 40 million members world wide. What makes this site truly unique is that it is made up of only business professionals. It creates an atmosphere like no other networking site on the web.

The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of the features offered through LinkedIn.

Build a community

When you create an account, LinkedIn allows you to access all your e-mail account contacts and import them into your network. It then determines which of these contacts are already using LinkedIn. Building your network community is fast and easy with this feature. The site also comes equipped with search engines that help you add new people to your network. It finds former classmates and colleagues by searching the web and importing data into your site.

Gain New Leads

Managing a business is challenging, and it is often difficult to develop new strategies that benefit sales. Companies rely on effective collaboration with colleagues to learn the latest techniques. LinkedIn lets you create groups, making it easier to share interests, schedule meetings, and keep informed. Keeping in touch with experts in the field is imperative to making contacts. You can also keep records of discussions by creating groups. In a busy world, it is easy to forget important conversations, and LinkedIn offers a solution to this problem.

Make New Additions to Your Company by Building a Professional Profile

LinkedIn allows members to show off their originality and professionalism. It includes options for uploading photos and information pertaining to your current business. If you want to locate partners, creating a profile enables you to present your history to fellow members. For example, users list details about their current positions, past positions, recommendations, education, and specialties. There are dozens of applications that users include in their profiles including slide show presentations, file storage, access to outside links, email, and blogs. Essentially, members create sophisticated resumes using the latest technology available on the web.

Keep Track of Your Stats

Word-of-mouth information sharing is a powerful concept. The more connections you make for your company, the more productive your business is. Getting information about your services and products is essential to company growth. On LinkedIn, members track network statistics quickly and easily. This tool lets you know how many new professionals you have been connected with and people that have shown interest in your company.

Looking For Employment? Put Down the Newspaper

LinkedIn makes job searching much easier. The site includes tools specifically designed for the use of job seekers. Using an embedded search engine, members locate available jobs locally and nationally. This feature also enables you to track the number of people who view your profile as well as the number of times you appear in search results. It also lets you list recent jobs you have had, which may be appealing to those looking to fill positions.

The best resources for any business are now available through cloud computing. What makes these programs so impressive is that they are never installed on your computer. You access the tools you need when you need them without having to worry about software delays. Best of all, even the smallest companies can take advantages of innovative resources. More than ever, there is increased competition among businesses. Therefore, smaller companies need a way in which to make their services stand out. LinkedIn and the social media are solutions to these challenges.