Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pros and Cons of Using Contact Management Software


Contact management software is used by businesses of all sizes to enhance their CRM, or Customer Relationship Management services. This software is commonly used by businesses that intend to make abundant uses of the Web. It allows sales representatives to keep track of clients and assist them with formulating leads from prospects. While contact management system have advantages, it is important to consider the downsides before pursing them. If you are considering using contact management software, there are some vital points to consider.

The Pros of Contact Management Software
  • Helps your sales representatives stay organized by tracking all information in a single location. It stores names, businesses, phone numbers, and addresses in an organized format, allowing your employees to access and share data.
  • Contact management eliminates confusion among sales representatives, particularly those working in groups. Often, it is difficult to manage which people talked with which clients and when. This software is equipped with tools that automatically record interactions with clients. Your sales representatives avoid unnecessarily forcing customers to repeat information, while making transactions are quicker and easier.
  • Generating reports and charts takes time and effort, time that is taken away from customers. Contact management software assists with forecasting by computing reports and charts necessary to predict future demands. Visual information is produced to assist your business with tracking pipelines and analyzing data.
  • Keeping track of a business is challenging with the countless tasks that need to be attended to. Since data is organized in a single location using this software, accessing information you need is more efficient. You can oversee the productivity of your employees and direct them to specific clients based on data obtained from reports.
The Cons of Contact Management Software
  • If not Web-based, new software programs are difficult to implement into a company because employees are forced to learn an entirely new system of management. Additional staff is necessary to train your employees about how to use applications effectively.
  • Software installation is often a messy processes. Complications arise when attempting to use new software with other applications. A lot of maintenance and upgrading is required in order for the applications to be functional. A Web-based service helps reduce these problems by managing software through outsourced servers and in data centers. No programs are installed directly on you companies PCs.
  • Companies PCs have limited amounts of power and space. Sometimes, PCs are not equipped to handle the applications of contact management systems installed on them. As a result, applications are often slow and draining. This is frustrating for many businesses that need to update data and generate reports instantly. Many businesses have looked to Web-based software as solutions to their problems. These services eliminate the strain on your PC hard drives because software and data storage actually takes place on more powerful, virtual servers. Data and programs are instantly accessible online.
  • Contact management software installed on company computers may not work with other applications. Do the departments in your business use various programs to perform the functions they require? For many companies, using contact management software applications with other applications that are frequently used among your employees is difficult. Cloud computing services, however, encourage businesses to use Web-based software because applications are easily integrated with others. This creates an environment in which data flow is efficient because it makes use of real-time technologies, and information is always up-to-date. Businesses also have the option of customizing existing applications to meet their needs.
There are many reasons why companies have reached out to contact management software to make organization and work flow easier. However, before pursuing this avenue, there are disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. With new cloud computing capabilities, many of CRM services using the internet have offered solutions to the most difficult challenges.