Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ten Benefits of Sales Lead Management

When it comes to sales, everything starts with a lead. They come from everywhere, and missing out on one could make or break the salesperson or the company. Valuable time is spent obtaining those leads through marketing and other efforts; however, the leads are only as good as the company or salesperson’s ability to respond appropriately and move them through the sales process. However, many managers do not take into account the different ways that people work and organize their information. Salespeople develop their own systems and eventually the process of managing leads gets lost in the shuffle when managing relationships and other sales concerns.

Fortunately, there are businesses out there who recognize this flaw and have developed programs for better sales lead management, an integral part of customer relationship management (CRM). Here we have outlined ten benefits of sales lead management programs that can help get your business back on track.

1.Act on every lead

Getting systems in place to organize leads helps the sales force know who has been contacted and who has not. This ensures that leads do not fall through the cracks and potential leads are not annoyed by multiple contacts.

2.Bring the Focus Back to Selling

Instead of sales representatives using precious time to make endless cold calls and trying to find accounts, the accounts can come to them. More focus is placed on selling the product and making the sale. With everyone online instead of on paper, information is readily accessible and time is left for reps to do what they do best—sell.

3.Find trends in sales

Separate your leads by business type, location, referrals, occupation, etc. You are able to determine their needs and sell them the right products. When a lead sees that their customer’s needs are being met and cared for, they are more likely to continue in the selling process.

4.Match leads with the right salesperson

Different salespeople have different approaches to how they do business. Some are good with certain types of business and others provide better service working directly with individuals. With a lead management product in place, you are able to route leads to the salesperson who best fits and knows their needs.

5.Analyze sales and forecast for the future

Many lead management programs keep a history of the entire sales process, from initial contact to closing the sale, including sales history. You are able to work with your reps on how to improve, while making sure customers are taken care of at the same time.

6.Encourage collaboration and teamwork

With lead management services, reps are able to see how they are doing, as well as everyone else. Reps can find and learn about recent deals similar to theirs and work with others on what they can do to improve.

7.Get your sales force face-to-face with leads

With the focus back on selling and not on cold calls, reps will have time to meet personally with leads and customers, developing long lasting relationships that cannot be obtained through e-mail and phone calls. And because all of the information is online and not on a single computer, they can work from anywhere and update information as it happens.

8.Customize the program to fit your needs

It is undeniable that different businesses have different needs, so lead management products allow you to customize the look and feel of the service how you see fit.

9.Monitor interactions at every step

Eliminate the need for lengthy meetings. Every interaction a rep has with a lead can be recorded, so managers can monitor how everyone is doing whenever and wherever you need.

10.Lead information is uniform and comprehensive

The right system can allow you to collect information about your leads and keep everything straight, so you always know how to approach them.