Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sales Tip: Closing & Asking for the order

It’s amazing to me how many sales professionals go through all the work involved with setting up a sales presentation and don’t execute the most important one, asking for the order. Think about it ! We plan out our strategy, prospect potential candidates, go to meeting or set up phone calls, qualifying the client and presenting features and benefits of our product or service. Most sales people keep talking when they have already sold the product. Why do they do this? Because they never asked for the sale. They never asked the customer “would you be interested in buying from me”. I’ve seen some sales representatives actually talk themselves out of a sale. They end up saying something wrong or giving too much informatio
n and actually sell and lose the client in the same conversation. Why do we do this?

In my experience most sales people expect the customer to take the next step and inform you that they would like to buy from you. This is correct but you have to first ask for the sale. After talking this over with a sales rep of mine earlier I’ve found out that this can be do to nerves or the desire for one to talk about themselves. This is huge ” no no” in sales. You want to be customer focused and never focused on anything else. Remember, your product is the answer these people have been looking for.

To help with you track your progress throughout the sale I suggest using what I call “trial closes”. These trial closes are simple questions that confirm that you on on the right path with the prospect. This path leads to you closing the sale at the end of the call. You’ll want to make them very high level. Consider asking the client (after presenting you product/service) “Does this sound like it would help?” or You’d like that wouldn’t you? or my favorite “Is this something that might be if interest to you?”.  If the answer is yes, ASK FOR THE ORDER!  If your presentation sounds good to the prospect he might be ready to buy right then and there.  Follow up all positive trial closes with a standard close.  Try something like “Well if that interests you shall we move forward?” Once you offer a standard close dint say a single thing more until they do.
Timing is everything is this business and when to talk and when to bite your tongue can are skills that define a successful sales executive and one of the most important things to know.

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