Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Mobile CRM is important in Africa

We recently deployed Front Row CRM to a new client in Africa who has a mobile sales force and one notable difference in their requirements was for employee safety.

Though the desire to drive revenue, improve the end customer experience and build long term company success through CRM is similar to other countries we work with, here is how Front Row CRM really made a difference to this organization:
  • Ability to support limited mobile technology:   While we may see smart phones as common place, some countries like those in Africa, may only equip their staff with traditional mobile phones with no data integration. This was critical for our customer where 45% of work force needed to update CRM by texting only.
  • Promoted employee safety:  In Africa where poverty is rampant and with lack of basic living requirements for some goes a high crime rate. It is unsafe for employees to carry computers and tablets. Using texting, field reps can update CRM in real time without the fear of being robbed.
  • Protecting customer privacy:  When there is a risk of theft of a computer or tablet, customer data could be put at risk. By utilizing Front Row CRM to push data into the system via text, if theft occurs, no customer data is accessible
  • Scalable for all mobile and smart phone platforms:  As requirements and access to technology change, the CRM is able to run the delta between basic to sophisticated connectivity requirements
  • Competitive advantage:  For those companies in developing nations looking to compete locally and globally, mobile CRM gives them an advantage over other firms who are slow to adopt customer relationship software.

If you are interested in finding out more about how mobile CRM can benefit businesses in Africa and other developing nations, please contact the president of Front Row Solutions - Etien D'Hollander at