Monday, January 24, 2011

Saugatuck Releases New Study on SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Trends Through 2015

Growth in Cloud IT continues unabated, with the emergence of hybrid application architectures.

Today's economic situation continues to favor the Cloud, driven by businesses that are reshaping themselves. The Cloud - including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and Cloud Services - will drive increasing business and IT activity, resulting in hybrid architectures to manage and a new Cloud IT mission. Through 2015, SaaS will continue to dominate IT spending, including social networking and mobility solutions - key aspects of the boundary-free enterprise.

These core findings serve as the foundation of the latest research study from Saugatuck Technology Inc., titled "Key SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Trends Through 2015 - Business Transformation via the Cloud." Released today via Saugatuck's Website, the study builds on analysis of global survey data, on interviews with experienced user organization executives, and insights from leading Cloud providers, to build a realistic, working model of Cloud IT adoption, evolution and, most importantly, its transformative effect upon enterprises large and small.

"Cloud adoption has been to date mostly a point-solution phenomenon, and we know from every previous instance of IT that point solutions cost more in the long run," according to Saugatuck VP and Distinguished Analyst Mike West, the report's lead author. "If IT, Finance, and business leaders can see how and where Cloud IT has the potential for transforming their businesses, they can manage it strategically and, in the short term, take advantage of the cost efficiencies. In this report, we have presented scenarios for Cloud IT adoption through 2015. And we deliver guidance to user executives as well as to providers of Cloud IT and traditional IT as to how best to manage the Cloud's potential, both present and future."

Find below a representative list of the study's key findings: 
  • By 2015, there will remain no business computing category that hasn't moved to the Cloud - with 65 percent or more of all NEW business application / solution decisions Cloud-based or Hybrid by 2015.
  • The hybrid business portfolio will be dominated by Cloud solutions in 2015, as the on-premise segment transforms from the driver of transactions to the repository of business data.
  • While Cloud-based development, or PaaS, will be somewhat slow to emerge, SaaS will remain the dominant Cloud delivery model through 2014, as enterprises of all shapes and sizes transition to a new way of managing their application portfolios.
  • Pervasive mobility and social networking together will change the landscape of enterprise SaaS and Cloud Business Solutions.
  • By 2012, many of the fears associated with IaaS (lack of standards, transaction and data/security integrity) are resolved, with customers realizing that its value lies less with cost savings and more with agility (for large enterprises), and service levels and compliance (for SMBs).
  • Through 2014, 65 percent of Private Cloud deployments will be packaged vendor offerings delivered as a drop-in appliance.
  • Over time, enterprise portfolios will become workflow-driven hybrids of Cloud and on premise data and functionality that are monitored, measured and managed to meet enterprise performance objectives.
  • System Integrators of all sizes and flavors will increasingly be the key drivers of innovation in terms of enabling enterprise customers to migrate new and existing workloads and make their Cloud solutions work effectively.
  • As enterprise customers of IT in the Cloud transform themselves, exploiting new Cloud capabilities, their counterparts in the IT industry will also undergo transformation as their business models and partnering relationships change.
This 25+ page research report is available immediately to clients of Saugatuck’s premium Continuous Research Service (CRS), or can be purchased by non-clients from Saugatuck’s Website by clicking here.

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